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Vim® Wood Floor Cleaner

Vim® Wood Floors is specially formulated for finished hardwood floors*, laminate floors and finished wood cabinets – a great cleaner for every room. Leaves no dull residue** and cleans to a natural shine**. Instructions for use: For diluted use, pour 3 capfuls into 5 litres of water, wash and let dry. For full strength, apply for a few seconds and wipe away. To confirm compatibility with your surface, always test first in a small inconspicuous area. Keep in a dry, cool place and store upright. Provides brilliant results on a variety of surfaces thanks to a formula that makes cleaning everyday dirt easy. Finally get the sparkling floors you’ve always wanted. With a range of scents to suit every home, say hello to beautiful, shiny floors throughout your home.


  • Use it for:
  • Specially formulated to clean your floors
  • Leaves no dull residue and cleans to a natural shine when used in dilute format
  • Use it for: light grease, other tough dirt
  • Suitable for finished hardwood floors, laminate floors and wood cabinets
  • For diluted use pour 3 capfuls into 5L of water, wash and let dry
  • Goodbye dirt when you start with Vim®

*not recommended for fine or antique wood furniture, unsealed, waxed, painted or polished wood. Avoid use on marble. **when used in diluted format

  • 1L