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Mini terrarium made from light bulb

Lighten up small spaces with a mini terrarium

Make your own terrarium by upcycling an old light bulb. Making a terrarium at home is simple and fun: here, we show you how.

Small touches can make a big difference when it comes to the overall look of your home. Terrariums are a simple way to decorate a small space or bring a fresh touch to the room.

Because of their petite sizing, but big impact, these stylish arrangements are perfect for bringing the outside in. Here we show you how to make a terrarium by upcycling an old light bulb.

What you’ll need:

  • Vim® Fresh Cream

  • A microfibre cloth

  • A used globe light bulb

  • Needle-nose pliers

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Metal skewer or centre punch

  • Safety goggles and gloves

  • Silicone bumpers (or string if you want to hang your mini terrarium)

  • Sand

  • Moss

  • Succulents, small air plants or flowers

Step 1: Clean your light bulb

If your light bulb has stopped working and got a bit dusty in its previous life, now’s the time to give it a makeover. Apply Vim Fresh Cream on a damp microfibre cloth, then simply wipe over its surface to remove the dust and grime. After a rinse, gently dry with an old tea towel to reveal your now beautifully clean light bulb.

Step 2: Remove the inner wires

Put on safety goggles and gloves and lay out some brown paper or newspaper for this next bit. Using the pliers, peel the edge off the copper collar you’ll find at the end of the light bulb fastening. Once you’ve levered up the edge, pull until the complete copper end comes off – revealing a small hole. Use a flat-head screwdriver to force into the hole, and carefully break the black glass at the end of the bulb. Next, use your pliers to carefully remove the inner wires so there’s room for you to fill your mini terrarium with sand, moss, air plants or flowers.

Step 3: Attach silicone bumpers or string

This step explains how to make a terrarium stay in place. Choose whether you want to hang it or sit it on a flat surface. If your mini terrarium is going to be on a table or counter top, apply silicone bumpers on one side. If you’ve decided to hang your terrarium, you’ll need to make a hole on each side of the metal end using a metal skewer or centre punch, and thread through some string, securing with a knot on each side.

Step 4: Fill your mini terrarium

Once you’ve worked out how you want yours to hang or sit, fill the bottom with a layer of sand, followed by moss and small plants or flowers – making a terrarium that’s about a third full (so there’s room for your plants to grow).

Step 5: Position in place

We think these mini terrariums look great in bathrooms, on windowsills, atop mantelpieces or in outdoor spaces – any place where it will catch the light and shine. The choice is yours.

No matter where you choose to put yours, or what you plant in it, we’d love to see how you’ve used yours to add a special finishing touch to your home.

Have you tried our project? Share your picture of making a terrarium on our Facebook page.

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