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DIY Glass Candle Holders

How to make beautiful glass candle holders

Candles look beautiful around your home, and they look even better presented in unique holders. You can create a rustic look for next to nothing with old glass jars, Vim Cream and a little imagination.

Have you recently washed out some glass jars ready for the recycling? We’ve got the perfect upcycling project for you; turn them into chic glass candle holders instead – perfect for enhancing small corners or decorating your bathroom.

You’ve probably already got everything at home that you need to make these simple but effective glass candle holders.

Let us show you how to remove sticky labels and make beautifully clean glass candle holders to improve any setting in a few simple steps.

What you’ll need:

  • Assorted glass jars

  • Tea lights or candles

  • A funnel (or piece of paper)

  • Sand

  • A microfibre cloth

  • Vim® Fresh Cream

  • An old tea towel

  • Some sharp scissors

  • Green leather lacing or your favourite ribbon

Step 1: Clean your jars

First thing’s first, transform those old jars into sparkling clean glass candle holders. To remove sticky labels, apply a drop of Vim Cream Lemon to a damp, microfibre cloth, then wipe over to remove them. Gently rinse to remove the excess and then dry with a tea towel to reveal your now-sparkling glass jar.

Step 2: Fill with sand

Making candles in jars safe requires a little sand. Use a funnel (or piece of paper rolled into a cone) to help you fill the jar neatly – aim for an inch of sand at the bottom. Give your glass candle holder’s base a little shake to even out the sand.

Step 3: Decorate with string or ribbon

Here’s the fun bit. Choose a gorgeous piece of leather, string or ribbon and put it to good use. Get to work decorating your new glass candle holder’s exterior. You can add as much or little as you like and have fun experimenting to see what you like best. Just make sure the bow and any ends are far away from where the naked flame will be, and add a double knot to secure.

Step 4: Add your candle

Now place your candle into the jar, making sure it’s central and balanced securely in the sand. Ensuring your candle is lower than the edge of your glass candle holder’s rim will protect the flame and keep it burning brightly. The sand also helps to insulate the bottom of the jar when the candle burns down, protecting your surfaces.

Step 5: Light your candle

You’re now ready to light your candle and enjoy the gentle glow coming from your newly upcycled home accessories.

And that’s all there is to it. Quick and easy to make, they’re the perfect project to turn glass jars into stylish home accessories.

Try grouping them in clusters on a patio, adding a warming touch to a side table or arranging them in your bathroom for a relaxing atmosphere.

We’d love to know who’s made glass candle holders and to see your final design. Share a picture with us on our Facebook.

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