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Clean bathroom with clean grout

How to clean grout and give your bathroom a beautiful glow

Find the best way to tackle cleaning tile grout in your bathroom and create a beautifully clean backdrop for these interior decoration ideas…

When tiles are the backdrop of your bathroom, you don’t want the grime on grout to let you down.

Keeping your tiles and grout clean brings a shine and sparkle to the entire room, providing a beautiful backdrop that brightens the whole room – giving everything a warm, luminous glow.

How to clean grout

Cleaning tile grout is quick and easy with Vim® Power & Shine Bathroom Spray. Just follow the steps below to bring your grout back to life.

You will need:

  • Vim Power & Shine Bathroom Spray

  • A damp cloth

How to clean:

  1. Spray Vim Power & Shine Bathroom Spray over the surface of your tiles, making sure to cover the grout area.

  2. If the dirt is really tough, leave for a few minutes.

  3. Wipe away with a damp cloth.

And there you have it: cleaning tile grout is an easy way to restore your bathroom to its sparkling best.

The finishing touches

But don’t leave it there. Once you’ve got that sparkling backdrop, we’ve got a few ideas on how you can draw attention to it and really make a statement in your bathroom.

Bring the spa to your bathroom

  • Match the clean simplicity of your tiles with a minimal, uncluttered display around the sink – candles in jars give the bathroom a luxurious feel.

  • Evoke the relaxing atmosphere of a spa by filling up tall glass jars of different heights with water, and topping each one with a floating candle.

  • Add flowers to the bottom of the jar or twist leaves inside them for a pop of colour against your now-shiny bathroom.

  • Floral and fragrant

  • Want to add a second touch to your bathroom?

  • For a clean and classic look, a large glass jug makes a great vase and allows an uninterrupted view of your gleaming backdrop.

  • Fill your vase with fresh or dried flowers: try bunches of fragrant lavender, which not only look pretty, but fill the room with a subtle, soothing perfume, too..