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Spray cleaning a stove

How to clean burnt on food

Burnt-on food can be a pain to get rid of. But with a little elbow grease and Vim products, it should be easy.

We’re always asked, “How do I remove burnt-on food from my stove?”

Well, it’s really easy. And you’ll be left with shiny, streak-free results too.

Use Vim® Pink Flower Cream. Its deep-cleaning molecules lift tough grease, stains and burnt-on food.

Here’s how to rescue your stove:

  1. Apply Vim Pink Flower Cream onto spills and burnt-on food.

  2. Leave for a few seconds to let it do its thing. For tougher stains, give it a minute or two.

  3. Wipe away with a cloth, no rinse needed.

  4. A streak-free stove is that simple.

Vim top tip: For an even shiny finish, buff your stove with a dry tea towel.

Do not use on linoleum, leather and textile and avoid prolonged contact on painted wood and aluminium

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