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How to clean bathroom limescale

Here's how to remove limescale easily and quickly

Lose bathroom limescale

Limescale is the wicked witch of the bathroom. It targets taps, showers and shower screens, dulling their shine with chalky deposits.

But gleaming surfaces can be yours with Vim® Power & Shine Bathroom Spray. This surface saviour lifts limescale and soap scum quickly and easily, giving you streak-free results.

Remove limescale in three easy steps:

  1. Spray Vim Power & Shine Bathroom Spray onto the surface.

  2. Leave for a few seconds, or a few minutes for built-up deposits.

  3. Wipe away, no rinse needed.

Vim top tips:

  • For even shinier surfaces after using Vim Power & Shine Bathroom Spray, buff with a dry tea towel.

  • Some surfaces can be damaged by abrasive cloths or sponges, so we recommend a microfibre cloth.

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