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Clean shower with soap and sh

How to clean a shower and pops of colour for a perfect finishing touch

Clean household surfaces, and the added details that bring out that extra sparkle, help to make your house a home.

The shower is a sanctuary, it’s a place of escape, where you relax after a long day or energise at the start of a new one. It’s no wonder it’s the centre of the bathroom, which is why keeping it beautifully clean is key.

Not just because a clear space means a peaceful mind (after all, how can you dedicate yourself to relaxing and unwinding while you’re analysing the tiles?), but also when your shower is shining bright, it impacts the whole room.

How to clean a shower

Follow our steps for cleaning a shower (including how to clean a shower head) to get sparkling results. We recommend using Vim® Power & Shine Bathroom Spray, which is designed to remove limescale stains and soap scum to leave behind a streak free surface.

You will need:

  • Vim Power & Shine Bathroom Spray

  • A damp cloth

How to clean:

  1. Spray Vim Power & Shine Bathroom Spray over shower surfaces and shower head.

  2. Leave products to act for a few minutes if dirt is really tough.

  3. Wipe surfaces and shower head with a damp cloth – no rinsing necessary!

  4. Wipe surfaces with a dry cloth for a gleaming finish.

The finishing touches

Once you’ve got that pristine, clean surface, the shower is the perfect place for a touch of something beautiful. To add something extra why not some pops of colour – our video above shows you how.

Keep it colourful

  • If you prefer a morning shower, fresh pops of colour will make for a brighter start to the day.

  • Soap, dispensers and accessories in invigorating, bright citrus colours like green or orange will pop against the gleaming white walls and make your shower feel fresher than ever.

  • If you use your shower to wind down before bed, try some relaxing colours instead – like lavender, a classically comforting colour said to reduce stress.

  • Aqua and cool blue are almost iconic bathroom colours, calming shades that recall the soothing sounds of crashing waves and salt spray.

Bring the outdoors in

  • Like the idea of adding colour to your bathroom? For another great idea, plants can help you bring life to your bathroom.

  • Bamboo arranged in a glass vase, hanging baskets or even a terrarium on a shelf will add a burst of freshness to the room. If you are keen to make your own terrarium, take a look at our upcycling project here.