How to clean laminate floors and bring out their shine and beauty with added texture

For making a subtle statement in a room, there’s nothing like a beautiful, glossy laminate floor. Though they attract a bit of a reputation as being difficult to clean, with the right product it’s easy to restore their beauty – it’ll light up the whole room, too.

How to clean laminate floors

Whether you’ve accidently spilt a cup of coffee or just want to top up the shine, Vim® Oxy-Gel® All-Purpose is the product to use for a great way to clean a laminate floor –leaving you with a fresh scent and brilliant shine.

You will need:

  • A bucket 
  • Vim Oxy-Gel® All-Purpose
  • A floor mop 
  • A cloth

How to clean:

  1. Add three caps of Vim Oxy-Gel®All-Purpose into half a bucket of water (that’s about 5 litres).
  2. Plunge your mop in the water, squeezing out the excess before sweeping it over your floor.
  3. For the shiny finish, use a dry cloth to wipe the surface down afterwards.

The finishing touches

With a clean laminate floor, you have the opportunity to add a focal point that really makes a statement. It’s the perfect place for a touch of something beautiful, as you can see in our video.

Adding texture and comfort

  • A few artfully arranged floor cushions in different sizes or heights, placed in a corner or facing a coffee table provide extra seating space, as well as allowing you to introduce texture and comfort to the room.
  • Or a rug: whether it’s luxurious and shaggy or bright and embellished, it’ll let you enjoy soft textures as well as that glossy, smooth surface – the best of both worlds.

Make the books you love a centrepiece

  • For another unique touch, pile your favourite books by the walls. 
  • Not only will it create a talking point when guests are over, but it adds a stamp of your personality, too.