Making England Shine

Cif is committed to restoring the beauty of our surroundings, so we’re always looking for people and organisations that share our values to help us do it. 

The English Heritage Trust manages over 400 historic monuments and sites going back 5,000 years. It has nearly 1 million members, over 1500 volunteers and hosts more than 11 million visitors each year.

Like us, they’re dedicated to restoring and conserving England’s built heritage, and they believe that caring for the past has a hugely positive impact on everyone.

So that’s why as of July 2015, Cif and English Heritage are going to be partners working together; we’ll be Making England Shine. 

The partnership will see Cif support the restoration of some of England’s most treasured historic buildings and monuments. This year Cif will be supporting the conservation of the Quadriga, the statue which sits in pride of place on the Wellington Arch in central London.

We’ll post regular updates on Facebook and here on the website so you can follow our progress as we make the Wellington Arch shine.

Find out more about the work of English Heritage