How to make a cake stand using your favourite mismatched plates and cups

Showcase one-off ceramic pieces or favourite shop finds in this chic, DIY cake stand. 

Perhaps you’re down to the last piece of your favourite tea set or you’ve been lucky enough to find a few vintage treasures recently. However you’ve ended up with your odd teacups and plates, along with some DIY essentials, they are all you need to make your own cake stand. 

You should have all you need already in your house, so it makes a great afternoon upcycling project when you fancy doing some home beautifying. 

Once you’ve put together your homemade cake stand, there’s also the lovely job of decorating it with cakes and pastries, ready to enjoy with friends or family. 

What you’ll need: 

  • Vim® Fresh Cream
  • A microfibre cloth
  • An assortment of plates and cups  
  • Strong glue 
  • Some heavy books 
Cake Stand_Step1

Step 1: Choose your arrangement

Work out what cups and plates you’re going to use for your DIY cake stand. Try to use sturdy, bigger sizes on the bottom and work up to the more delicate pieces on the top so it’s well-balanced. 

Cake Stand_Step2 

Step 2: Clean up your ceramics 

To make sure your homemade cake stand shines, give all your plates and cups a good clean to remove any tea or coffee stains or dirt that’s collected over time before you start. To remove tough dirt and grime, apply a drop of Vim Cream Lemon to a microfibre cloth and wipe over each piece of tableware, before flipping over to clean the reverse of each piece. Do this to each before rinsing off gently under water and drying with a tea towel to reveal their shine.

Cake Stand_Step3   

Step 3: Glue together 

Make sure each plate and cup is dry and free of residue before you begin glueing. Then, carefully line each rim with a line of glue and stick in your chosen arrangement. This step is sometimes easier if you assemble your pieces in pairs and then put it together as a whole.  

Cake Stand_Step4 

Step 4: Keep it in place 

To weigh down your creation, so the glue sets firmly and evenly, use your books. Carefully balance them on top of your beautiful new DIY cake stand so as not to smudge the glue. Leave to dry overnight. 

Cake Stand_Step5 

Step 5: The fun bit 

No homemade cake stand would be complete without a display of pastries, cakes or fruit on each of your cake stand’s layers. 

Because each homemade cake stand is unique, they make beautiful additions to any table. Try experimenting with colours and shapes depending on your favourite styles or where you plan to put it.

We love the clean, crisp finish of this all white version, but colourful ceramics can make a fun alternative for parties. If you’ve made one, then we’d love to see your finished project. Share a picture with us on Facebook.  

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