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a DIY table made from a waste paper basket

A DIY side table that gives new life to your waste-paper basket

Looking for side table ideas? This simple project uses household items to make a stylish DIY side table that adds a modern edge to any room.

Try your hand at a DIY side table using a few simple items you’re likely to already have, create a gorgeous new piece for your living room or bedroom. This upcycling project gives your wire paper basket a new lease of life, making a small, perfect addition to any room. Painted in white or pale colours, this DIY side table effortlessly adds charm to any room while ultimately being practical, too. Use it as a base to pile up your favourite coffee-table books, as a convenient place to display fresh flowers or as a handy night stand for your bedside.

What you’ll need:

  • Vim® Fresh Cream

  • A microfibre cloth

  • Coloured paint

  • Wire waste-paper basket

  • Strong glue

  • Sand block

  • Large circular piece of wood (this could be a plywood or a pallet cut to shape or a large chopping board)

  • Brown paper or something to cover your surface

Step 1: Clean your bin

To make sure your waste-paper basket is gleaming, clean any dirt that’s collected by applying a drop of Vim Fresh Cream on a damp microfibre cloth and wiping over the dirt. Then gently rinse and dry with a tea towel to leave it clean and ready to be turned into a DIY side table.

Step 2: Paint for a glossy finish

Lay out paper or something protective for this part, then paint your waste-paper basket in a colour that compliments your existing home décor theme. Sometimes this can take a couple of coats, depending on the colours you choose and how dark your bin is.

Step 3: Paint your table top, too

Pick a piece of wood for your table top. This could be a large circular bread board, a circle cut from a wooden pallet or piece of plywood. If there are any rough edges, sand it down to ensure a smooth finish.

Choose a matching colour for your DIY side table’s top. A larger brush will help give a smooth finish (and it’ll be quicker, too). Do this on a protective layer and leave both parts to dry overnight.

Step 4: Attach the top to the base

To complete your DIY side table, use strong glue to secure the wooden board to the upside-down waste-paper basket. Make sure you align the centre of your board with the centre of the basket so your finished table is well-balanced and centred.

Step 5: Decorate it

Choose where you want your new DIY side table to live and position it. Top with things like flowers in your favourite vase, books, magazines or candles for a beautiful finish.

That really is all it takes to give your living room or bedroom a quick and modern update.

So if you were looking for beautiful side table ideas, we hope you’ve given this DIY side table a go. If you have, we’d love you to post a picture to our Facebook page.

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