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A DIY cutlery rack

Stylish Hanging Rack

A beautiful new idea for a cutlery hanging rack

Step 1: Clean your cutlery

To get your tarnished cutlery suitably sparkly, apply a drop of Vim Cream Fresh to a damp microfibre cloth and wipe over each piece. Rinse off and buff dry with a tea towel, ready to make into your new cutlery hanging rack. Do not use on silver (or silver plated) cutlery

Step 2: Bend cutlery

Carefully bend each end of the forks and spoons you’re using into a U-shape, directing them up towards the front. To get a smoother bend, you can gently heat each piece before shaping. Remember to wear gloves as the metal can get very hot.

Step 3: Create holes in each piece of cutlery

Put on your protective goggles and gloves. Mark the same point on your forks and spoons and drill a hole into each, protecting your surface with an old block of wood or similar.

Step 4: Fix the cutlery to the wood

Use your screwdriver to screw each piece of cutlery onto the board for your new cutlery hanging rack. Make sure they’re evenly spaced and lined up in a neat row for a professional, smart-looking result.

Step 5: Attach your mounting hook

To finish off your DIY kitchen hanging rack, add a mounting hook to the back. Make sure it’s aligned to the middle of the board, so it will hang nice and straight. Then use your wire cutters and wire to fasten the wire to the mounting hook.

These cutlery hanging racks look great in the kitchen with tea towels on or by the front door with keys on them.

If you’ve made one, don’t forget to share it with us on Facebook – we love to see your projects and personal touches.

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